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MEDISUN FARMS - Organic Hemp:

At MEDISUN FARMS, we produce exclusive strains of organic feminized hemp, offering our clients flower or extracts in bulk format to meet their particular requirements.

Our focus for the 2017 harvest was proven strains of feminized hemp with a significantly larger planting and supply of plant material.  We anticipate harvesting approximately 100,000 lbs of dried flower in 2017.

We believe in regenerative agriculture and that growing outdoors will allow the plants to be fully nurtured by natural sunlight, wind, moonlight and other biorhythms, thereby creating what we feel is the highest quality and dynamic raw material.  We refer to this as ‘Sunstainably Grown™’.  By using nature's sunlight and natural seasons, it also supports our environmental initiative of responsible energy usage and impact.

Our farm collective model is currently focused in Southern Oregon, considered worldwide as one of the ideal biomes to grow the utmost highest quality outdoor plant material.  This further sustains our efforts in growing specific strains for our customers, to further the advancement in research in how cannabinoids interacts with the human endocannabinoid system and to improve the lives of humans worldwide.

We are committed to producing and supplying the finest and purest quality on the global market and working with our local and global community to ensure that hemp becomes a viable crop to sustain our agricultural sector.

We welcome all inquiries, whether you are an extractor in need of plant material, a farmer interested in joining our collective, a researcher needing to commission the growing of specific strains for your research, or if you are a curious consumer wanting to learn more about what we do and make.  Contact Us.


SunStainably Grown

Organic Hemp


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At MediSun Farms, our mission is to be a global leader in growing and supplying the highest quality, proven and progressive strains of high cannabinoid hemp and offer our customers uncompromised products that exceed their expectations.  


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